BIF program 2019

One of the main missions of The International Festival for Improvisational Theatre Berlin IMPRO has always been to be an artistic torchbearer in the world of improvisational theatre. It would not only bring the best that the improv world could offer at that moment to Berlin, but also challenge the artists to find new ideas, formats and expressions, so that the collective improv brain trust of this globe can keep growing.

A great way to do that is to disperse knowledge - so to not only have artists perform and be great at their craft for the audience, but also learn from their peers and teach others. And not only teach, but also interact informally, show them the »behind the scenes« of making an incredible improv show and let them know about what living the improv is like. We wish to go beyond just the practice of improvisation and also create space for thinking about improv with adding a layer of theoretical discussion and reflection to the festival.

That’s why some time ago we created the BIF program - a unique plan for improvisers of different experience levels, where you not only learn from the masters through a workshop system, but also get to see the inner workings of how to do great improv with presentations, discussions and all of the shows of the festival! So you can not only learn, but truly think improv while you’re here.

This year we are presenting four amazing programs and also a first-time Symposium »Improv in Therapy« with teachers and lecturers from all around the world. Every part of the program will add a piece to what we believe will be a great overall festival experience and we proudly invite you to Berlin (or, if you’re already here, just stay put) this March to live and breathe IMPRO with us!

You can choose between two 4-day programs (BIF days) and two whole week programs (BIF week):

BIF days (March 21 - 24)
offers the first Berlin IMPRO festival’s female-identifying only workshop with two amazing Slovenian performers Maja Dekleva Lapajne and Norbert Sven Fö, who will excite you to research creating space for new worlds through playing. Or you can add some clowning basics to your acting resume with one of the most entertaining physical improvisers in Europe: Alexander Mitrev (Bulgaria). Both programs offer 11 hours of improv knowledge, a hot panel discussion about political correctness in improv, a preview of the international Our Lives improv project documentary by Lee White, most of the shows of IMPRO 2019 and lots of fun interactions with the festival ensemble and improvisers from around the world!

BIF week (March 18 - 24)
is an intense adventure for those who really want to raise their improv knowledge to a new level. For the more experienced we offer an intensive on scene work with Mia Møller (Denmark), Lee White (Canada) and Billa Christe (Germany). And those who have started their improv journey recently can add a wide range of tools to their improv pockets with a six-pack workshop with Felipe Ortiz (Colombia), Rama Nicholas (Australia), Audrius Bružas (Lithuania), Juš Milčinski (Slovenia), Gerlando Alfeo (Germany) and Gosia Różalska (Poland), who will show you what they believe is the essence of their improvisational thinking. Both programs consist of 21 hours of workshops, a fun tour of Berlin with an official festival guide, a live taping of an improv podcast, an observation of a rehearsal ran by the great Randy Dixon, a hot panel discussion about political correctness in improv, a preview of the international Our Lives improv project documentary, a lot of shows of IMPRO 2019 and lots of lively talks and partying after the shows!

Symposium »Improv In Therapy«

For the Symposium »Improv In Therapy« on March 23rd and 24th click here for more information: