At IMPRO 2020, we offer you the chance to see five shows of your choice for €65 with this pass – at any theatre.

IMPORTANT: You still need to reserve seats for the show of your choice, even with the festival pass, so that you’re registered as an audience member and allocated a seat. If you’re reserving online, simply pick »Festival pass« as ticket category. A festival pass will admit only one person to a show; you can’t have five people see the same show together with just one festival pass.

This is how you get your festival pass:
You can order one
online and have it sent to you (for a fee of 1,50 Euro) or pick it up at Mehringhoftheater (on the show days of the Mehringhoftheater between 19:30 and 21:30)
➔ you can buy one at Mehringhoftheater (cash only) and pick it up straight away (on the Mehringhoftheater‘s show days between 19:30 and 21:30).
➔ you can buy one at the festival office (cash only) and pick it up straight away (from Mon, March 16th, daily from 13:00-19:00).