The principle of IMPRO, organised by the Gorillas since 2001, has always been that improvisers from different countries meet and play at the festival in ever new, daily varying formations. IMPRO 2017 breaks this rule (change is a principle of improvised theatre, after all), for this festival focuses exclusively on two well-known and yet very different ensembles. IMPRO will start at Mehringhoftheater, with "Northern Lights" (14 - 18/3), a Canada Special. The Crumbs' Lee White has moved from Winnipeg, Canada, to Berlin, was spoilt for choice and hand-picked the following from an abundance of Canadian elite improv players: Kayla Lorette, one of Canada's best loved improv players and multiple winner of the Canadian Comedy Award, who charms audiences with her unusual characters; Jacob Banigan, a regular of IMPRO, a gifted storyteller, the likes of which there are very few on the world's improv stages, and for many years a member of the brilliant Theater im Bahnhof (Graz), and last but not least, finally back in Berlin after 13 (!) years: Mark Meer, co-founder of the Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), who - literally - caused  storms of enthusiasm. What an ensemble. If you love improvised theatre for its comedy, its characters, its directness, its intertwined, surprising narratives, "Northern Lights" is a must-see for you.

The Gorillas are proud and happy to have secured the Orcas Island Project for the second festival week. They will show one of their productions on four nights. The Orcas Island Project is a formation of international improvisers which has been working across all frontiers for many years, initiated by Randy Dixon (Seattle), who as an innovative provider of ideas has been a constant of the IMPRO for as long as the festival has been around. 11 players, well-known not just in their own countries, will be on stage every night, including many improv artists who are popular Berlin visitors, such as Maja Dekleva Lapajne from Slovenia, Felipe Ortiz from Columbia, Beatrix Brunschko from Austria and many more.
„Afterlife“ is an experimental play about death and dying, but also about the wonderful moments which make life matter. It combines the adaptation of research materials with the power of what comes about in the moment. Here, the ensemble makes use of the diversity of myths and legends of the actors from 10 countries about death and the (after?)life. And if "Afterlife" encourages the audience to relate to this in their own lives, improv theatre will have reached its goal.

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