Since 2001 there has been a fixed institution in the Berlin theater festival landscape: IMPRO - The international festival for improvisational theater. Organized by us, the Berlin improvisational theater »The Gorillas«. From the beginning, the focus has been on bringing outstanding improv ensembles to Berlin, primarily from Europe and North America, but also from all other parts of the world. Presenting to the audience not only great colleagues, but also new developments in this genre.

Over time, IMPRO has developed into one of the largest and we may also say most important festivals of its kind in Europe. In 2024 the festival will take a break, because from 17.4.-20.4.2024 the project »Along the Walk« will come to an end, which we have been carrying out together with the ensembles »Combats Absurdes« (Lyon) as well as »Narobov« (Ljubljana) for more than a year - with the »Conference on Deceleration in Performing Arts«. Full info about the project as well as the conference here.